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to make of that. international terror expert steve emmerson joins us right after the break on that. >> operator to ucc. >> possible device at 671, possible device. >> fbi and state police and # >> well, emerging from the horrors of yesterday's bomb are incredible compassion. and to make things easier not coming days. new england patriots lineman carrying a wounded woman to get her some help. he was greeting runners near the finish line when the blast went off and he rushed in to help. and this, as airlines at boston's logan international airport waived fees for travelers forced to change their flight plan after people around the world poured in for the city's famous marathon. good for them. and well, as you heard katherine hairage report, there were no warnings of any kind leading up to these bombings, but that does not rule out international involvement. and the recent version of propaganda magazine calls for this style of attacks by loners, lone sympathizers, is this something that investigators are looking at right now? the founder of the investigative terrorism, steve, they re
are not correct. >> i thought the point that steve emmerson made was well taken. there are multiple agencies working this story. who knows in which silo the information may have been held. it may account for the misunderstanding that we've been watching. >> i want to say, i spoke with one of my sources today who could not confirm an arrest had been made, but did confirm some of the images they've been looking at. they've thank is key 'cause they've been asking the public and the press to share images and video of the scene because on those images, undoubtably the bomber can be seen. we have heard there may be surveillance camera foot edge and local television news footage of the bomber in the crowd that may have been verified by linking up the two source. they're continuing to ask for photographs. they were at the airport at logan stopping people getting on planes and asking if they had photos and images to share before they left town. they continue to do that, try to collect every image they can and scour it for suspects. today we heard they had identified a suspect. they had possibly arres
's where we're the at right now. i want to bring in steve emmerson, marc thiessen, fellow washington post columnist and a former bush speech writer and peter newman at king's college in london. yes, thank you all for being here, and you know, we certainly hope that the the authorities are making progress on this case and that an arrest is either imminent or certainly more than likely than it was a day ago. and let me start with you on this, steve, because we had this news about the tape, surveillance tape from the lord & taylor across the site from the second bombing that may have proven critical to the investigators in identifying a young man with a bag that he dropped and left the scene. >> well, megyn, it depends. first of all, i'm learning about the contradictory reports just as you are, 15 minutes ago i was told definitively there was going to be-- an arrest ras made and a court appearance in a couple of hours and now finding out just like you are there are contradictory reports. >> megyn: let me stop you there, you, i should tell our viewers, have a lot of investigative and law enfo
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)